James Hardie Scyon Matrix Cladding 2390 x 590 x 8mm

James Hardie Scyon Matrix Cladding 2390 x 590 x 8mm

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Product Description

James Hardie Scyon Matrix Cladding, Modern, Durable, Stylish look

Feel the freedom and create your own clean, contemporary and commercial inspired designs with James Hardie Scyon Matrix Cladding fibre cement sheeting.

If you get your home design inspiration from the modern, high-end apartment, office and retail complexes of urban landscapes, then Matrix is for you. Just by adding a Matrix feature wall or architectural highlight to your home, you can transform even the most traditional design into something unique and eye-catching. Or use Matrix as your primary building material to create a bold and industrial look throughout.

  • Develop unique designs with vertical, horizontal or square layouts.
  • Create a 10mm express joint with cavity battens and backing strips.
  • Cost-effective Scyon fibre cement cavity battens not steel top hats.
  • Gun nail with 25mm DA stainless steel brad nails.
  • Resists damage from shrinking, cracking, rot, moisture & termites*.

Matrix Cladding comes in 4 sheet sizes prompting a variety layouts.

Matrix is an exterior cladding system with a clean, modern, expressed-joint look. Matrix offers a bold industrial aesthetic when an architectural panelised look is desired. Choose from various panel sizes that suit different stud spacings, and let the 10mm express joint create a variety of geometric shapes in square, vertical, horizontal and brick pattern layouts.

Wide range of other sheet sizes also available..

  • 2990 x 1190 x 8mm - Smooth (Code 404169)
  • 1190 x 1190 x 8mm - Smooth (Code 403811)
  • 1790 x 890 x 8mm - Smooth (Code 403812)