What is Spotted gum?

Spotted Gum develops along the eastern bank of Australia and because of its enormous strength and variety in shading, it makes it a fascinating, strong, and extremely hard-wearing deck. Its tones might differ from light yellows and greens, directly through to mid tans, and wild reds. Spotted gum is known for its natural durability and toughness. You can use this high-quality product for all decking purposes.

Benefits of Spotted Gum decks

Spotted gum deck is a robust and heavy wood source known for its color. What good is the deck if you can't enjoy it? The last thing any of us want to see is a deck made up entirely of thin slats! Spotted gum decks have the perks of wood with durability and performance. Spotted gum decks are durable timbers that will withstand the sun for years. Whether you intend to continue enjoying dining or want to take it easy on your feet indoors, spotted gum is the best option.

For those of us who love the outdoors, our decks are often an extension of what we love to do. When you’re ready for a change, why not consider upgrading your deck with Spotted Gum? It is one of Australia’s premium hardwoods that grow along the east coast of Australia and it looks magnificent on any deck design.

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