Weathertex EcoWall Smooth 3660 x 1220 x 9.5mm

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Weathertex EcoWall Smooth 3660 x 1220 x 9.5mm

Weathertex EcoWall 3660 x 1220 x 9.5mm Smooth (previously known as Exterior Board/High ImpactBoard) is one of the most durable and versatile panels available. The possibility of both vertical and horizontal express jointing gives flexibility to the pattern of your choice. Whether a modern architecturally designed home or a large commercial project, the decorative applications are unlimited.

EcoWall Smooth Architectural panel provides a smooth flat surface finish. EcoWall contains absolutely no grooves on the profile. However, when installed, a 6 mm deep, 14mm wide groove is formed by the separation of the boards.

Recently launched 2 new additional sizes – 1220x1220mm as well as 915x1220mm.

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